Tool Shop

Tasmania's widest range of specialist blades & cutters

Our tool shop stocks a wide range of standard circular cutting blades, router bits, thicknessers and mobile chipper knives, plus an extended range of more specialised cutting tools and equipment for timber and metal engineering industries.

We also carry a large range of products to suit modern machining, cutting and grinding applications, including TCT saw blades with the most up-to-date tooth patterns on the market today.

Some of our customers include paper mills, forestry, timber and joinery shops, carpenters, butchers, pizza shops, rag suppliers, roofing & guttering trades, picture framers, wooden boat builders, and tree & stump removalists (just to name a few).

We are open to both the general public and commercial businesses. Drop into our tool shop in Kingston and take a look for yourself.

This is some of the tools & blades we stock

Is there something specific you need?

We have a vast network of suppliers within Australia and overseas for those harder to get items.

  • TCT saw blades – Triple chip / ATB / Scribes / Groovers / Biscuit cutters / Profile cutters, Dry-cut, Festool blades, etc.
  • Compression cutters
  • TOK knives
  • Handsaw blades
  • Bandsaw blades
  • Coldsaw blades – brobo reprofiling and blanks
  • Angular cutters – rotor broaches/sluggers.
  • Fibre cement blades
  • Spindle moulder heads / serrated back knife – including custom profiles made to suit yoiur templates.
  • Guillotine blades – including High Carbon Shear, we can supply new blades to suit old equipment or modified.
Cutting & associated consumables
  • Chipper knives and stump grinding teeth for mobile tree chippers.
  • Mincer discs and cutters, meat slicer blades for butchers.
  • Circular blades for industrial pizza cutting, or vinyl, rag, curtain &  fabric cutting, etc…
  • Assorted guillotines blades for printing & paper testing, slitters, etc…
  • Cutting fluids and pressure pack sprays for drilling & tapping.
Router Bits, Drill Bits & Joinery
  • Router bits
  • Countersunk bits
  • Chisels
  • Thickenesser & planer blades
  • Drill bits
  • Holesaws
  • Custom router bits to suit supplied profile

We proud to work with the following suppliers