Industrial Grinding

For cylindrical or surface grinding in Tasmania

With over 30 pieces of equipment in our machine shop, Hobart Hardchrome & Sharpening provide an expert grinding and machining service to a wide range of Tasmanian businesses & industries.

We are one of the most specialised machinery & jobbing shops in Tasmania, providing high-quality workmanship down to the most accurate tolerances.

Some of our typical grinding services

Cylindrical and surface grinding
  • Manufacture or modification of cylindrical shafts to suit customer specifications.
  • High-speed fan shafts can be ground to minimise runout prior to onsite balancing.
  • Match grind mounting plates to the same thickness for equipment installs.
  • Match grind custom packers or washers for specialised precision equipment adjustments.

Got a unique challenge for us? 

We are not only expert tradespeople but we are also great problem solvers. Please contact us if you have any questions about a unique challenge you are facing or a specific job you have in mind.