About us

Hobart Hardchrome & Sharpening, Kingston - Tasmania

With over 30 pieces of equipment in our machine shop, Hobart Hardchrome & Sharpening provide an expert sharpening, chroming, grinding and machining service to a wide range of Tasmanian businesses & industries.

Got a unique challenge for us, we are not only expert tradespeople but also great problem solvers. Please contact us if you have any questions about our products and services.

This is our story

Established in 1994 and under new management since 2018, Hobart Hardchrome & Sharpening has been providing a specialist sharpening, hardchroming, grinding and machining service to Tasmanian industries for almost 30 years. With over 30 pieces of highly specialised machining, sharpening and hardchroming equipment, we are the most versatile precision grinding and industrial sharpening shop in the state.

Operating in Kingston, just 10 minutes south of Hobart we provide a local machining option for tradespeople, businesses and industries state-wide.

Why choose us

With a large set of in-house capabilities, we aim to provide around 7-day turnaround on most sharpening jobs and two weeks for hardchroming & grinding.  We’ll also do our best to offer prompt support for unexpected breakdowns.

With over 95% of the work completed at our workshop in Kingston, your important parts are close at hand and there’s less risk of expensive time delays.

We also offer a weekly pick-up & delivery service for our regular customers. 

Save time & money, by keeping it in the state and extending the lifespan of your important components with local sharpening, chroming, grinding and machining.

Increase the life of your gear

Custom machining can be an excellent way to avoid the hefty replacement costs of new components or parts. Hardchroming, precision grinding, machining and sharpening can significantly extend the lifespan of your specialist components.

Minimise costly downtimes

As our service is local, flexible and very accommodating, we’re able to minimise any equipment down times (that you might otherwise experience when ordering replacement parts or repairs from mainland Australia or overseas).

A high-quality job, everytime

We understand that quality is essential to your success. With our extensive experience, industry-based knowledge and a range of precision equipment, all of our work is guaranteed to meet or exceed your requirements.

We service a wide range of customers - large & small

Whilst we typically service a wide range of small business, commercial and industrial customers, we welcome all enquiries, as we often complete bespoke projects for individual customers.