Tasmania's only industrial hard chrome specialist

Hardchromeing is an excellent way to repair worn parts and improve specialist equipment, either prior to installation, to extend the life cycle of the most hard-wearing components. 

Hardchrome plating has many applications across various industries.

We mainly service the needs of the mining, agricultural and mechanical engineering sectors, and we also do work for the paper & print, food & beverage and automation industries.

We, unfortunately, do not do decorative chrome work.

Some of our typical hardchrome services

Hydraulic Rods & Rams

Hydraulic rod re-chroming of wear and tear, and chroming of your new stock to custom diameters.

Shaft repairs for seal or bearing journals

Seal journals are often chromed from newly manufactured items as the service life can be extended for components that may be difficult to change out or components working in harsh environments.

  • Gearbox shafts working in the mining and heavy industrial industries. However, there is a growing need for gearbox refurbishment in the car industry, especially older vehicles where spare parts are no longer available.

  • Pumps shafts requiring bearing, sleeve journals and or gland packing areas to be chromed. This can be an extremely cost-effective way of reusing an otherwise throwaway item.
Internal chroming of specialised components

Some applications that we have chromed and ground to size are stuffing boxes in large pumps working with a highly aggressive medium.

Bolt-in piston sleeves and chroming the internal bore of large couplings which would have otherwise been thrown away. This can be a great option when there are long lead times out of the US or Europe for a replacement items.

High wear areas

Timber industry, specifically in the sawmill section, we can manufacture and chrome high wear areas such as infeed / outfeed rollers.

We can extend the service life of bedplates and fence guides and at the same time improve run ability by decreasing the friction by applying chrome.

Re-chrome Motorcycle Fork Tubes

We re-chrome motorcycle fork tubes for commercial customers and walk-in customers, often groups from a motorcycle club.

Hydraulic Valve Block Spools

Hydraulic valve block spools, hollow and solid can be chromed and ground back to suit the block.

Sawmill Infeed Rollers

Chrome equipment foundation plates to enable easier equipment installation due to less friction.

Got a unique challenge for us? 

We are not only expert tradespeople but we are also great problem solvers. Please contact us if you have any questions about a unique challenge you are facing or a specific job you have in mind.